Blockchain Ticketing

Offer your audience TIXnGO, the leading secure mobile ticket wallet

Eliminate fraud, boost agile operations and security, uplift your data and take your fan experience to the next level

Eliminate fraud, boost agile operations and security, uplift your data and take your fan experience to the next level

Digitalize Your Audience

  • Know nearly 100% of your audience by gathering personal data from all ticket holders signing in

  • Push communications to your fans with notifications

  • Simplify user experience: Transfer, give away and resell tickets with your friends
  • No need to print tickets anymore

Reduce Fraud

  • Prevent fraud with QR-codes appearing only at the entrance of your event, and detect ticketing suspicious activities with AI machine learning
  • Have your own marketplace to manage resales

  • Remove counterfeit tickets and allows purchasers to verify tickets validity 

Upgrade Security

  • Deliver multilevel security
  • Blockchain technology ensures a unique, encrypted, traceable ticket

  • Control ticket activation by time or geo-location.  Moving elements in barcodes stop screenshots

  • Identify all fans contact details and photograph.  

How mobile tickets work

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A secure mobile ticket wallet

  • iOS and Android compatible, the mobile application is an enhanced wallet where spectators can securely store, transfer, sell, resell or buy digital tickets.
  • On the event day, spectators present their TIXnGO tickets on their smart phone to enter the event.
  • A native app that enables you to offer all events, exhibitions, sports, merchandising, etc. of your network on a single app.

A web-based Management Console

  • Is a browser-based application hosted by TIXnGO where event organizer can track the tickets and their usage. It provides advanced charts and features to help them managing their tickets and audiences.

A solution to monetize
fan's data

  • Digitalize your fans and boost their engagement and monetization with exciting new features.
  • Connect the lifecycle of tickets from sales to venue entry (e.g. optimize 10% no-show tickets).
  • Set your exchange and resell commissions rules upfront.
  • Get to know your audience & increase your data base. Save on data acquisition with €20-50  for one highly qualified lead contact (*).
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A set of APIs

  • The API layer abstracts the blockchain and AI core engines. It provides functionalities on top of it, such as ticket creation/deletion, data privacy, an integrated payment system, identity verification and resell price regulation.
  • The blockchain guarantees security, transparency, immutability and removes the need of a trusted third party.

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