Launched today, TIXnGO is a groundbreaking ticketing solution using blockchain technology to create secure mobile tickets. The TIXnGO API, which can be plugged into any existing ticketing system, helps combat fraud, digitalise the fan experience and improve venue security.  


TIXnGO is a subsidiary of ELCA, the Swiss company behind the cloud-based ticketing solution SecuTix. For the last two years, SecuTix has been trialling blockchain with clients, including several high-profile live sports events in 2018, and seen significant success in tackling both black market and security issues. Applying this vast blockchain knowledge and experience, TIXnGO offers a secure mobile ticket solution to all venue and event organisers, whatever their current ticketing system is.  The firm is already in talks with several well-known sports clubs who plan to use TIXnGO from the start of their 2019/2020 seasons.

“I expect that in five years’ time, 90 per cent of tickets for live events will be sold using blockchain technology as it’s an easy and effective way to solve many of the problems the industry faces today. TIXnGO creates a unique, encrypted ticket for smartphones that is completely traceable, removes the risk of counterfeit tickets and simplifies the process of transferring or reselling tickets for the customer. Blockchain will profoundly transform the ticketing industry as we know it and TIXnGO is leading the way.”

Julien Piwowar, TIXnGO Global Business Development Senior Executive

TIXnGO is a user-friendly platform designed to fit with any existing ticketing system so venue managers don’t have to change their systems.  It’s just the delivery method of the ticket that’s different.  It’s easy for customers to use and by tackling the major issues of fraud and security, TIXnGO ultimately helps build trust between event organisers and ticketholders.